SeedUML, an online PlantUML editor

February 9, 2014   #seeduml #uml #design #software

Finally online

It's my pleasure to announce the availability of SeedUML, the online editor for UML diagrams based on the great PlantUML language.

As it's in its early beta stages, I'm sure you'll find some rough edges here and there, but there's some great and useful features I'm sure you'll love. Especially if you're new to PlantUML, you'll find a damn easy way to create all sorts of UML diagrams, like state, sequence, class, etc, all with a crystal clear plain text description. The diagram updates as you type, and you can save the image for later use, or simply link it wherever you need it to show up.

Quick user guide

If you need an user guide, the site is itself not easy enough to use. But let's give a couple of pointers to start with:

  • you need to start a new diagram, you go to
  • a random diagram ID is generated, and you'll be redirected to such diagram page (eg:
  • remember to bookmark the URL if the diagram is important, as there's no user save
  • you follow PlantUML docs and create beautiful diagram
  • whenever you need to edit the doc again, you go back to the same URL (you bookmarked it, right?)

Done. Easy, huh?


This is an early beta, use at your own risk (and pleasure, hopefully). Especially, don't expect to

  • be guaranteed that your diagrams will stay there forever
  • the service will be up and running at all times
  • be able to save hidden diagrams
  • have a rock solid syntax highlight
  • etc etc etc

I will share some of the juicy technical details of that site later on on these pages, but for now, have fun and happy diagram authoring!

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